Take your Cybersecurity Pulse™
before unknown risk becomes real exposure

Take your Cybersecurity Pulse™ before unknown risk becomes real exposure

Your CyberSecurity Pulse™

Cybersecurity Pulse™ brings best-in-class education and monitoring tools together to provide a one-stop
view of your organization’s cybersecurity environment.

Through our proprietary dashboard interface, share your organization’s Cybersecurity compliance progress with
your executive team and board of directors with real-time, view-only access to a personalized dashboard, your
Cybersecurity Pulse™.

Cybersecurity Pulse™ has a user-friendly interface, is completely secure, has role-based access and
change capabilities, and operates as either a stand-alone service, or in concert with your organization’s full
cybersecurity solution set.

Our experts are always available to assist with implementation and integration, where necessary.

Why choose Cybersecurity Pulse™?

For executive teams and board members

View access for board members and executives give you a one-stop, real-time view of the cybersecurity
environment and progress on education and compliance campaigns.

  • Easy to read and understand reports and charts
  • Easy to use interfaces for education, compliance testing and assessment management
  • Embedded updates to framework information and assessment questions
  • A snapshot of risk and exposure, forming a roadmap for future cybersecurity expenditure

For executives responsible for technology

Ease of use and embedded updates reduce the drain on your IT resources trying to stay current and
creating endless paperwork and reports to share with management.

  • One secure online tool for monitoring and reporting to stakeholders
  • Embedded updates to framework information and assessment questions
  • Automated and online phishing campaign management and education modules
  • Best-in-class intrusion monitoring and reporting
  • A summary of gaps and basis for cybersecurity expenditure budget requests

Your solution includes:

In-Class Training

  • 1-3 hours
  • Professional instructors
  • Practical tools and tips

Online Assessment

  • Framework-based questionnaire
  • Role-based responsibilities
  • Real-time updates

Endpoint Monitoring

  • User-installed software
  • Standard and customizable protection
  • Risk reporting

DNS Monitoring

  • User-installed software
  • Customizable restrictions
  • Risk behavior monitoring

Online Education

  • Engaging videos
  • Customizable frequency
  • Prompts and compliance tracking

Simulated Phishing

  • Customizable email message
  • Variable frequency
  • Remedial education