About Us

The Cybersecurity Pulse™ solution was developed by seasoned executives with decades of experience in both CTO and CFO roles in companies across a wide range of industries and stages of development.

While many providers specialize in penetration testing, threat risk assessments or attack remediation, the Cybersecurity Pulse™ solutions focuses on educating the organization and its stakeholders, testing compliance and awareness, and providing real-time reporting on education, simulated attack campaigns and intrusion attempts.

For boards and executive teams, the Cybersecurity Pulse™ dashboard is a secure, one-stop summary of an organization’s Cybersecurity environment, available in a secure, web-accessible, easy-to-navigate dashboard.

For technology executives and managers the Cybersecurity Pulse™ eliminates the need to scramble for information before board meetings or in the wake of an attempted or successful attack.

Image of office from: https://unsplash.com/photos/9uX5cX1l3bw