Take your Cybersecurity Pulse™
before unknown risk becomes real exposure

Take your Cybersecurity Pulse™ before unknown risk becomes real exposure

Your CyberSecurity Pulse™

Cybersecurity Pulse™ brings best-in-class education and monitoring tools together to provide
a one-stop
view of your organization’s cybersecurity environment.

Through our proprietary dashboard interface, share your organization’s Cybersecurity compliance
progress with
your executive team and board of directors with real-time, view-only access to a
personalized dashboard, your
Cybersecurity Pulse™.

Cybersecurity Pulse™ has a user-friendly interface, is completely secure, has role-based
access and
change capabilities, and operates as either a stand-alone service, or in concert
with your organization’s full
cybersecurity solution set.

Our experts are always available to assist with implementation and integration, where necessary.

Why choose Cybersecurity Pulse™?

Your solution includes:

In-Class Training

  • 1-3 hours
  • Professional instructors
  • Practical tools and tips

Online Assessment

  • Framework-based questionnaire
  • Role-based responsibilities
  • Real-time updates

Endpoint Monitoring

  • User-installed software
  • Standard and customizable protection
  • Risk reporting

DNS Monitoring

  • User-installed software
  • Customizable restrictions
  • Risk behavior monitoring

Online Education

  • Engaging videos
  • Customizable frequency
  • Prompts and compliance tracking

Simulated Phishing

  • Customizable email message
  • Variable frequency
  • Remedial education